Tom Westborn has been working on his challenge "Everyday one song! (Jeder Tag ein Song!)" since september the 28th 2019. There he`s producing one of his songs every day. It`s going to end on september the 29th this year. Visit the official youtube channel here!


Tom Westborn is a german singer & songwriter. Born in 1981 he very soon got in touch with making music. His first band was called "Yes or No" and they played coversongs from bands like Nirvana, Guns `n` Roses or The Rolling Stones.

In 1997 he made his first own record with an 8-track-recorder. His love for producing songs was born. Since then more than 700 recodings are done. And he has still much fun creating songs that never where heard of before.


Just a few days ago he decided to write the lyrics in english. "Music is the language of the world, why shouldn`t be the lyrics done in a worldwide known one". In the past 4 years he has released many german songs. And he`s still in touch with them by making an international version of selected ones.


The music is a mix of pop- & rockmusic. Some may call it classic rock. The voice of Westborn reminds of a british or an american singer-/songwriter. Westborn loves to make the songs easy but grounded with heart and soul. You may hear of him. Pay attention to it!



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